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“For me, college is an opportunity to work for what I want and take control of my future. I am thankful for my family encouraging me to keep pushing through all the obstacles, and remind myself that at my hardest times in school when I feel like I am at the bottom, I must get up and keep going because that is why I am here. I am here to pursue a dream, not to get pulled into drama or get walked on, but to stand up and keep on fighting.”

Lindsay, Biology Major, 2nd Year Student

“College means you have the world in your hands because you can study anything you want, and you can be anything you want to be.”

Tania, Sociology Major, 5th Year Student

“College is like an ocean of knowledge where one explores its depth to find their niche in life. I decided to attend college to set a tradition in my family, and am thankful for the support of my parents as well as my high school mentor. One thing I would share with other high school students is that although college may sound scary and tough, all the hard work will be worth it.”

Marily, Psychology Major, 4th Year Student

“For me, college means chasing my dream as I gradually move up the steps to be someone called a ‘professional.’ I came to college because I want to major in Psychology and get into counseling, helping people with any problems they have. Trying is always the key to success, and commitment is an effort to finish what you start.”

Laura, Psychology Major, 2nd Year Student

“College is the door to my future and a successful life. Although my parents had this goal for me as well, they could not really help me with the application process, so I am extremely thankful to my mentor in high school for his support. It is extremely important to seek the help of your counselors, teachers, parents and peers—they will not only help you achieve the goal of getting to college, but they will support you the entire time!”

Vanessa, Psychology Major, 4th Year Student

“College is an opportunity—not just an opportunity to earn more money once you receive your degree, but to meet new people, learn new things, and to give yourself the chance to grow as a person. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have the support from my mother, and the motivation from my high school AVID teacher, so be sure to let others help you.”

Rhonna, Liberal Studies Major, 2nd Year Student

“College means the opportunity to discover who you truly are and the opportunity to make lifelong friendships. It’s an amazing place!”

Spencer, Business Major, 3rd Year Student