University Culture

High School Students

Speak with an Adult

No one expects you to have all the answers. That’s what counselors and other school staff are for! Learn about the importance of finding an adult you trust to answer all of the confusing questions.

1. “Mom…Dad, I want university culture.” Talk to your parents about your decision to go to college.

You’re not free from your parents, just yet. Whether you want to or not, it is important to start talking to your parents about your decision to attend a university after high school. They will be an important part of your university culture once you are deep into the process of applying to a university. In short, they all have to sign the paperwork.

Parents or guardians are also a great support system. No one said this would be easy. Count on them when you need a little encouragement or some motivation on those late nights of applying for scholarships. Trust us, parents and guardians want to see you succeed, so make them and yourself proud!

2. Your school educators went to college too! Ask them for help.

Everyone has their favorite teacher, counselor, coach, school administrator, and in some instances the school nurse can be your BFF. Find an educator at your school who you trust and who you can talk to about your new-found love for university culture. Ask them what students at your school generally do to start a process like this and how they can help you get your foot into a university.

If this person cannot help you ask them to point you in the right direction. They will know of other professionals on your campus who have the right answers and will not leave you empty handed. All your school educators want to see you succeed as well, because it makes their job fun!