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Thank the internet gods for web browsing, but there is nothing like exploring college campuses the good ol’ fashion way. Touring a campus, breathing in that university pride, and hitting up their best food courts! Learn about the benefits of scheduling a campus tour at universities near you and what to look for on your visit.

Your Options?

There are over 200 colleges and universities in California alone. How are you ever to decide which one is right for you? Well, there are many ways to explore universities. Check out how we divided the university systems below to make it a little more manageable.

California State Universities (CSU):

California State Universities, also known as Cal State or CSUs, are amazing universities that pride themselves on offering students hands-on learning experiences. This system is the largest, most diverse and most affordable system in the US. There are 23 campuses in this state from San Diego to Humboldt. Visit CSU campuses nearby to get a sense of what these campuses feel like. We promise you can find the right one for you.

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California Map showing location of all 23 CSU campuses

Universities of California (UC):

The University of California or UCs typically are research-based institutions that offer an excellent education to thousands of students in almost any field of interest. The UC’s have 9 undergraduate campuses and 1 graduate campus all up and down the state from UC San Diego to UC Berkley or UC Davis, which is the northern most.

Select the one nearest you or plan a road trip to visit one that is far away. Either way, you will love the UC system and all it has to offer to students.

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UC Campuses on a map of California

Private and Independent Schools:

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What to look for at any campus: