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Speak with an Academic Counselor

So you’re not in high school, or maybe you are a returning student. Okay, I get it, you are an adult and you have figured out how many adult obstacles that are in your life. That being said, join the ranks of thousands of community college students nationally who need assistance with course selection and the transfer process. Paid professionals are waiting for you to take initiative and schedule an academic counseling appointment today. Your success is their success!! Hey, what do you have to lose?

Taking Care of Business…Everyday

Take advantage of academic counseling support from the second you decide to attend a community college. It is essential that you make an appointment with an academic counselor who will assist you with developing your class schedule and charting out your academic coursework over the course of your time at your community college. Academic counselors are degreed professionals who work alongside of you to assist you in career and educational goal planning and help to demystify the transfer process as well. They spend time discussing your personal and career goals, and also refer you to other people on your campus who can assist you in developing your interests even further. Academic counselors can further provide you with assistance with your short and long range educational planning, financial aid advising, and can answer questions concerning requirements for a specific major, general education, graduation, or transfer articulation agreements to a four-year college or university.

The following website:, also provides you with information about California high school and community college courses, career options and financial assistance.

While you are ultimately in charge of making the most of your community college experience, always remember the supportive staff who work diligently everyday to serve students just like you.