University Culture

High School Students

Now that you’re ready to apply, filling out that college application can be GREAT FUN! Okay, not really. Follow these steps below to make this process as seamless as possible for your sake and theirs.

California State University (CSU)

The CSU has worked towards having as many stress-free applicants as possible. Visit Cal State Apply to receive more information on how to prepare for the application portion of your steps to college and click on the links below for detailed information on how to complete your application on your own. College and career center techs as well as school counselors are also great people to contact if you are confused about the application process.

University of California (UC)

Visit the UC admissions page in order to fill out the University of California application online. Find out more about the UC system as well as information pertaining to freshman and transfer students.

See the simple steps below to better prepare you for filling out this application.

What you will need:

Private/Independent Universities

Many private and independent universities in California will allow students to fill out what is known as the Common Application. Contact your university of choice to see which application they prefer that you submit. Many of their applications can be found specifically on their university web pages or in their administration offices. The Common Application now has an app that helps students track their applications, view deadlines, and more! Visit the Common Application website for more information.