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Your student wants to go to college? What a great opportunity for you!

University Culture knows that the hardest thing about being a parent, guardian, or other caring adult of an all-knowing, unique-styled, authority-questioning adolescent is letting go of those little hands. The truth is, that it is time for them to grow up and face the real world and sometimes, just sometimes, parents, guardians, or other caring adults don’t have all the answers. Read though our helpful tips to find out how you are supported in this process, and that the real winner is the family!

So, What’s in it For Them?

Did you know that someone with a bachelor’s degree can make up to a million dollars more than someone with a high school diploma over their lifetime? Facts, are facts. Education pays in so many ways:

Ask your student to check out the Getting Started tab to learn more about how education pays.

So, What’s in it For You?

Ok, so you already knew all of that. But, aside from this being a great opportunity for your student to better their future and fulfill life time goals, you, as a supporter, automatically benefit by 100% . Here is what we mean,

How to Help Your Student

There are plenty of things you can do to help your student during their educational journey. We realize time, and money are never in abundance around here (what’s up with that) but we do know that your love and care for this students is there by the bunches! Hey, you were their age once too, (keep saying that, it annoys the bejeepers out of them). Follow this check list to ask yourself, “Have you schooled your student today?”

Explore with your student, today! Here you will find information on the A-G college entrance requirements, college entrance exams, the four types of colleges and universities in California and great information on financial aid.

We want you and your family to feel profoundly supported throughout this process, and we invite you to call or email us with your specific and oh-so not-silly questions. We wish you the best of luck in your preparation for university culture in your home. Together, you will succeed!